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We are very pleased to present our programme of wine courses and tastings, and hope that you will find in it something of interest.

We are very pleased to present our programme of wine courses and tastings, and hope that you will find in it something of interest. As you will see, whilst our speciality is the context and understanding of wines from across the globe, we offer a wide range of courses, all of which can be adapted to suit all levels of previous knowledge.

We understand that anyone interested and motivated to learn more about the fascinating world of wine needs to have access to the variety of wines available from across the globe. By increasing knowledge of the different zones, grape varieties and wine styles, we hope to provide a solid foundation for an objective but simple criteria from which to evaluate wine.

We hope that our courses will be of interest to both professionals and the wider public and as such have developed our programme to cover the essential information needed in each course but taught in an informal style welcoming questions and contributions from participants.

The courses are offered in a modular basis, allowing you to design your own programme, covering the subjects most relevant or of interest. We would encourage you to contact us to discuss any requirement and would be happy to suggest and adapt all courses to your needs in terms of content, time and budget. However simple your query may be, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to help.

Programme of Wine Tastings and Courses:

Introduction Tasting to the Wines of a Specified Region (eg. Rioja)

This courses aims to provide for all levels of previous knowledge an overview of the key wine styles offered in a specified region. A short introductory presentation covers the boundaries of the region, its geography and climatic influences, grape varieties and growing methods, types of wines produced and aging methods. A sequenced tasting of the different styles then allows time for discussion and comparison of each wine. The wines are chosen to be representative of the region both classic and with a more modern approach.

Introduction Tasting-Course to the Wines of Spain

General overview of the wine growing regions of Spain in a condensed but concise format. Emphasis is on the wines and styles most commonly available. The course can however, be adapted to include the wines of most interest to you, and can be amplified to include more detail as necessary

Introduction tasting-course to the Wines of the World

This course covers all the wine growing regions of the world and is central to our philosophy. The large range of this fascinating area can be taken in modules starting from a simple tasting giving a general introduction, up to a more in-depth level lasting over a number of days. The level of the course can be adapted to the expectations and requirements of the participants.

Matching the Food and Wine of a Country or Region

An opportunity to sample the classic cuisine from a specific country or region alongside the wines that have evolved with it. An informal but educational opportunity to try out and evaluate some of the classic matches or a particular area that you fancy.

Comparative Tasting of International Grape Varieties

On opportunity to increase your knowledge of the classic international varieties and their inherent characteristics. Their geographical distribution, adaptations to climate and soil, grape growing methods, the styles of wine produced and a chance to try and analyse side by side a representative selection. We suggest that the tasting element of this course is done blind.

Comparative Tasting of Spanish Wines and Wines from the World

A chance to compare the variety available within Spain with the varieties, styles or geographical areas from across the world.

The Grape Varieties of Spain

Increase your knowledge of both the classic reds and more recently internationally acclaimed whites grape varieties of Spain. The geographical representation of each grape varieties, their adaptation to particular climates and soils, particular vineyard methods, styles of wine produced, and a chance to try and analyse side by side a representative selection. The wines could even be tried blind!
In depth, Individual Wineries

The choice of a specific winery opens a door to a more intimate view of their philosophy and conception of wines interacting with the location and the given factors. This course aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the wines offered by comparative tasting of different styles or a historical vertical tasting of the same wine through different vintages.

Sweet Wines of the World

Become an expert in the delicious range of sweet wines from across the globe. Historical context, where they come from and why, grape varieties used, climate and terrain. Characteristics of the different styles available and a comparative tasting.

Champagne Tasting

¿Who would not fancy really learning all about the most prestigious wine in the world?

Climatic Influence in Wine

A fascinating exercise that also helps develop your tasting techniques, distinguishing wines from the same grape variety according to the climate in which they have been produced. The comparative tasting helps to really understand the differences. It is recommended that the tasting is done blind.


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